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Welcome to Outreachy! We provide documentation for applicants, interns, mentors, coordinators, and sponsors to help them understand their role.

If you have a question that isn't answered here, please contact us. We welcome additions and feedback on our documentation. Feel free to file an issue or send us a pull request.

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How the documentation is organized

Outreachy documentation is organized based on participant's role. Some information is useful to multiple types of participants. That information is duplicated in multiple sections.

Outreachy participant roles:

A note on pronouns: The Outreachy website allows applicants, mentors, and coordinators to list their pronouns. Sometimes you may not know the gender identity of an Outreachy participant. In that case, please avoid using gender-specific language. In English, you should use gender neutral language (e.g. "person" instead of "woman" or "man"). You should use gender neutral pronouns ("they" instead of "he" or "she"). We ask that you avoid using gender-specific honorifics like "Mr", "Sir", "Mrs", "Miss", or "Ma'am". We recognize that languages other than English are heavily gendered. It may not be possible to use gender-neutral language in your native language, but we ask you to do so when communicating in English.